A Better BLT

a better BLT

It’s hard to improve on a classic, but we certainly can take the standard Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato sandwich and maximize those few ingredients.

Tonight’s dinner conversation with our dear little girl started with, “What’s a BLT?” Seems like a great place to start here too:

  • B is for Bacon from Nell’s Butcher Shop in East Berlin, PA. Oh, it’s pretty prefect. Just look at it.
  • B.2 is for Bread, really good “artisan” bread from Lark Rise Bakery’s CSA based out of Loysville, PA. Toast your bread and spread on your favorite mayo.
  • L is for Lettuce – in this version it’s Everblossom’s organic peppery arugula and salad mix. Its texture and spice makes the sandwich pop.
  • T is for a sweet, ripe, organic heirloom Tomato from Everblossom Farm.

Earlier in summer when basil is also brightening our table, it is also my secret  ingredient to brighten my BLT. Use it in place of lettuce or alongside Elaine’s butter crunch variety. Yuh uh um.



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