Award-winning Applesauce



Our pretty pink applesauce placed second at the Dillsburg, PA Farmer’s Fair! This was not a taste test; it was a beauty contest. Elizabeth and I are very proud.  We would like to thank Ben Wenk at Three Springs Fruit Farm for the pink and delicious Honeycrisp apples. We won a red ribbon, $3.50 (which we will share) and the the rights to call our stuff Award-Winning!

Second Place!

Second Place!

ABOUT TOMATOES: In other news, our tomatoes did not place in the hotly contested category of “cut tomatoes”. Again, it is a beauty contest and although we had an assortment of heirloom color, the judges seemed to like the jars with no seeds. I will have to dig deep within myself and determine if I have the patience to remove all seeds if I want to compete again next year.


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