trying new things

I’ve been collecting recipes since I was a little girl. It was the 70’s and most of what I was interested in was Cool-Whip based — banana split dessert, watergate salad, etc.
My aunts and my mother’s friends always obliged.

Since 2005, I’ve been helping my sister, Elaine, collect more wholesome recipes as a part of her Everblossom Farm organic CSA (community-supported agriculture). These recipes use one or more of the fine ingredients offered that week and aim to help people enjoy something they may be trying for the first time.

I was certainly trying a lot of new veg back then too – garlic scapes, celeriac and bok choy – all family favorites now.

This is a new format we’re trying. We hope it will be easy and convenient for Everblossom Farm fans to use and share. In addition to CSA recipes, I also hope to include some of my old childhood favorites and a homemade cocktail recipe here and there. I’m looking forward to new posts of our favorite ways to bring out the best flavors in Elaine’s fresh-picked ingredients.


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